Exterior Dimensions
Width3 ft 2 in
Height3 ft 11 in
Length6 ft 9 in
Wheelbase4 ft 7 in
Weight50 lb
Interior Dimensions
Seat to Pedals2 ft 3 in
Seat to Headrest2 ft 2 in
Seat to Canopy2 ft 8 in
Seat Adjustment8.5 in Horizontally
Trunk Volume2630 cu in
FrameLightweight Aluminum Tubing
Body PanelsStretched Tear-Resistant Nylon
FloorHeat-Formed Woven Polyethylene
SeatBreathable Nylon Mesh
CanopyUV Stabilized Transparent Plastic
Speed and Range
Top Speed36 Miles per Hour
Range40 Miles
PrimaryRegenerative Braking System
Secondary165mm Disk Brakes
TypeLithium-Ion Polymer
Fast Charge Time2.5 Hours
Full Charge Time4 Hours
Weight12 lb
Lifetime1,000 Charge Cycles
TransmissionContinuously Variable (Toroidal)
Motor11 HP
Rim Options
Swept Tri-Spoke1.8 lb/wheel
Five Spoke2.3 lb/wheel
Classic Bicycle2.1 lb/wheel
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